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Vancouver Introduces Empty Homes Tax

Posted in Condominium (strata) law, Development, Property Law, Strata managers, Strata wind up

NOTE: The below article is a shortened version summarizing material information regarding the Empty Homes Tax. Click here for the full version including additional commentary and examples. 1.                  Vancouver’s new Empty Homes Tax became effective January 1, 2017. Targeting the approximately 10,000 year-round empty and 10,000 under-occupied homes in Vancouver, homes which are unoccupied for… Continue Reading

City of Vancouver Issues Standard Form Letter of Credit Policy

Posted in Development, Lenders, Municipal law

The City of Vancouver (the “City”) has issued a new corporate policy on Letters of Credit that sets out the requirements that must be met where applicants for City approvals are required to provide security to the City for development or non-development projects. The policy provides that the City will not accept any form of… Continue Reading

Cancelling Charges under Section 35 of the Property Law Act – Don’t Count On It

Posted in Development, Municipal law

A recent decision of the BC Supreme Court demonstrates the difficulty of obtaining an order under Section 35 of the Property Law Act. The case will be of particular interest to developers who intend to rely on the Section as part of their development plans. Section 35 grants the Court authority to cancel or modify… Continue Reading

The British Columbia Building Act: Modernizing the BC Building Code

Posted in Development

Earlier this year the BC Government introduced Bill 3-2015, the Building Act in an attempt to establish more consistent and standardized building requirements throughout the Province (with the exception of buildings located in the City of Vancouver and in or on mines). The BC Government has explained that the Building Act proposes to: Streamline Building… Continue Reading

Fundamental Breach and the Sale of Real Property: Timing is Everything

Posted in Development, REDMA

Many land developers arrange to sell lots in a proposed development before the subdivision is completed.  The vendor benefits from the promise of confirmed future sales and non-refundable deposits.  Purchasers benefit from lower prices for purchasing early.  However, what happens if the land development is delayed.  Can a purchaser get a non-refundable deposit back? The… Continue Reading